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comment Mathematica Lattice Reduce Command
In particular, it is mentioned in the docs that the method implemented is the Storjohann version of LLL.
comment Creating “detached” plots
I mean, the 3D graphics in the popup can still be rotated, zoomed into, etc.
comment Numeric error in trivial compilation
Read my comment carefully. Notice the dot? It's quite important…
comment Calculate Max-Min value and corresponding parameters
One can use NMaxValue[] and NArgMax[] separately if needed.
comment Creating “detached” plots
…or are you asking how to make plots act like pop-ups?
comment Can I code a conditional jump in a .nb?
What exactly are you trying to do that is making you ponder coding gymnastics of this sort?
comment How to show the projections of 3D orbit on the three primary planes
@Vaggelis, it should be easy to change the 0 in Yves's snippet to something else. In any event, there was an old package function called Shadow[] you might want to search for…
comment Define function of two variable like a vector
Dear Andrea, considering the pattern of questions you've been asking, I would suggest taking the time to read through the documentation, and trying to search the documentation before asking a question.
comment Is there a hidden location-type property for TropicalStormData?
What is the location supposed to indicate, where the eye of the storm was at that given moment?
comment Perform calculation on several sublists using Map
You might be interested in Rescale[].
comment Better way to compute triple (or higher order) convolution
Quite compact: b[n_Integer?Positive, k_Integer?NonNegative] := k! SeriesCoefficient[x^n Exp[-x]/(n Gamma[n, 0, x]), {x, 0, k}]; in actual code, replace x with something like \[FormalX].
comment How to solve this equation with NDSolve?
"can't solve" - what errors are you getting? Anyway, try replacing the inexact numbers (e.g. 50.0) with exact ones (e.g. 50) and report back.
comment What are the most common pitfalls awaiting new users?
@image_doctor, to this day, I still vastly prefer the pre-version 6 tree-style arrangement of the docs; to me, it encouraged the exploration of functions that can be related to what you were looking for.
comment How can I make a summary of all the commands of Mathematica?
Caveat: it misses UnitBox[] and SeriesData[].
comment Determining the default Method used in optimization and root-finding algorithms
Well, that was not implemented in top-level Mathematica code, so yes, not transparent at all.
comment How to find numerically all roots of a function in a given range?
That's entirely up to you. :)
comment Numeric error in trivial compilation
@bloch, as I thought. The numbers involved are after all within the range of $MinMachineNumber and $MaxMachineNumber
comment Numeric error in trivial compilation
Try using 1.*^-200 instead.
comment FindMaximum failing on a trivial problem
What if you use NMaximize[] instead?
comment Range of summation in simple Plot seems off
I think those plots also appeared in Wagon's book…