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comment Global` context not empty at startup in v10.2.0
I was thinking version 5 or so as "old", actually. :D (Sorry, must've been the nostalgia post I wrote earlier.) It was version 6 where I first saw the nicer formatting, IIRC.
comment Global` context not empty at startup in v10.2.0
To be fair, the output of ?? in old Mathematica didn't have the fancy formatting. Clearly, they are trying to spruce it up.
comment Global` context not empty at startup in v10.2.0
Somebody forgot to make his variables private…
revised “Part specification is longer than depth” warning in Position function
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comment sorting a table of self created values
Look up Which[] or Piecewise[].
revised Why is mathematica eating a row from QRDecompostion
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comment Why is mathematica eating a row from QRDecompostion
Ah, I see what you mean now. The discrepancy is due to NullSpace[] using SVD in the inexact case, but Gaussian elimination otherwise. Let me fix that…
comment Why is mathematica eating a row from QRDecompostion
Huh… what results are you getting? I did test qq for orthogonality with and without pivoting, and I obtain something that looks like the identity matrix after a Chop[].
revised How to find points along the inner and outer edge of a ring along a specific direction
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revised Fixing “incompatible shapes” when multiplying arrays
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comment Fixing “incompatible shapes” when multiplying arrays
Thanks @Sjoerd; I think it'd be more useful to close this as a dupe.
comment Redefining a built-in operator
If need be, the function can of course be redefined to handle an argument of $0$, without it spitting out a warning message.
comment How to implement the sample-point process like the built-ins of Mathematica?
Even when the renderer was slow in showing 3D surfaces, I nevertheless found amusement in watching it render polygons from back to front. I guess that's another thing we lost with the modern system.
revised How to make sure polygon is drawn flat in 3D?
just checked, it's also in an earlier version
comment How to simulate a homogeneous nucleation?
"dependent on their radius and local environment" - ah, so that's where Voronoi comes in… jeez, OP really should have pointed to something like that to begin with.
comment Clean & efficient bounding box non-intersection test
There is, as I recall, an undocumented routine for generating axis-aligned bounding boxes, which as you know can be wasteful. I don't remember any function for oriented boxes being built-in.
comment intermediate steps of a Mathematica operation
@Oleksandr, it seems the OP merely wants Mathematica to show him how to multiply and divide the way a kid in primary school would do it. That's a whole lot of digit carrying… :o
comment ImplicitRegion gives arbitrary boundaries
In the meantime, while RandomPoint[] is being fixed, have you seen this?
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comment Generating and Imaging of the water molecules with Graphics3D
A tiny tip: you can avoid the long nesting of GeometricTransformation[]s by using Composition[] to put together strings of transformation functions.