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Hello, my name is

A. R. Shajii

Please don't hesitate to downvote if you find that I don't know what I'm talking about. All I ask is that you provide a comment indicating the mistake.

I participate most actively in and .

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I have also done work with , , and .

Most of my questions touch on programming challenges/conundrums that I personally have frequently faced (be they small or large), and I asked them simply to aid anyone else who happens to be facing them. A few of them I've also asked out of a curiosity as to how others would approach the problem.

e-mail: ars@ars.me

comment Place graph vertex labels in circles
@kguler Thank you very much, this worked.
comment Determine if solution to linear system exists
LinearSolve carries out all of the steps of solving the system when all I need is a yes/no to whether or not a solution exists. So will LinearSolve be the most efficient way of doing this regardless?