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comment Given f[1] … f[k], k = 1, 2, 3… how do one find the general function f[n]?
And nice work finding and illustrating a pattern. +1!
comment In version 10 EvaluationCompletionAction “ShowTiming” no longer gives useful output; any solutions?
@Rojo So it is a confirmed bug? I'll mark it as such. Was any solution provided?
comment How can I graph an equation with five variables?
Different tools for different tasks. I assumed that expr would be reused with different values. Pre-evaluation is a nice alternative interpretation. +1
comment An argument pattern that my function can treat as Times[constant, variable]
m_goldberg, I know your edit was intended to be helpful, and the vast majority of your edits are, but I think it has been discussed that fixing syntax such as func(a, b) = . . . is a bad idea because the that is often a problem that needs to be addressed in the answers rather than "swept under the rug" as it were.
comment Will Mathematica install and run on Raspberry Pi computer?
I believe several of those are part of Sage; do you use it?
comment Will Mathematica install and run on Raspberry Pi computer?
Thanks. Any particular library for Python?
comment Will Mathematica install and run on Raspberry Pi computer?
@Renan I am curious, what has taken its place for you?
comment Fourier Analysis: How to get rid of a discontinuity
Related: (5782), (11714)
comment Why does Assuming[…] work in one case but not in another?
To other users: I'm sure this is a duplicate; I don't expect any votes for my answer but it was faster to post than to search, I'm tired, and a targeted example is probably more useful to the user anyway. Please close if/when a duplicate is found. Thanks.
comment BitShiftRight produces incorrect results in Version 10
That's a surprising bug. Compact example: v = Range[100001]; a = BitShiftRight[v[[;; 10]]]; b = BitShiftRight[v][[;; 10]]; a == b is False.
comment Restarting Mathematica causes an animation to fail to run
I propose that we close this question as a duplicate of 11705 as I doubt the first question applied to a broad audience. +1 for the answer however.
comment Programming - The linear iterative method problems
I suggest you describe the algorithm you wish to implement rather than posting broken code. I doubt it is worth the trouble to debug it.
comment Best practice to group and have your favorite custom functions available at startup
Beyond the basic instruction to put them in a package and loading it at startup I fear this is entirely opinion-based and not appropriate for this site. I therefore intend to close this soon unless someone makes a compelling case to keep this open.
comment Plot groups based on unique tag
@brama Thanks, and you're welcome.
comment Make a text with a transparent background in Graphics
I cannot reproduce this problem. What version of Mathematica and which operating system are you using?
comment Minimum and maximum values under conditions
@Vaggelis_Z If it is the use of Alternatives that you like consider: {Min@#, Max@#} & @ Pick[#6, #5, 1 | 2] & @@ (data\[Transpose])
comment Minimum and maximum values under conditions
@Vaggelis_Z My point is that this is not efficiently written. Select is part of the function that is mapped to {Max,Min} therefor the selection is run twice. Worse, the selection function is not focused on the fifth column: it is checking for a 1 or 2 anywhere in the sublist. While for the given example this does not change the result it is hardly correct.
comment Minimum and maximum values under conditions
@sebhofer It seems the transpose is costly because the data is not packed. Thread is actually faster in this case, but it doesn't match Part. With packed data such as data = RandomReal[{-2, 2}, {1*^6, 6}]; my code is still slightly faster than yours. :^)
comment Minimum and maximum values under conditions
@sebhofer I can confirm that it is faster, and I'm not too surprised. Nevertheless like using Transpose as it lets me address columns with simply #5 or #6 which IMO make things much nicer to read. By the way you already had my vote. :-)
comment Minimum and maximum values under conditions
@Vaggelis_Z I suggest you use a different method. This code performs the same selection redundantly, once for Max and once for Min.