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Project Euler

comment Input a square matrix and return a list of the matrix entries read by antidiagonals
It makes my head hurt trying to follow this. Mission accomplished I guess so +1. :-p
comment Background of PlotMarkers
Rather than close this as off-topic would it not be better to rewrite it as a bug report and tag it as such?
comment System of differential equations
Please update (edit) the question to show the current version of your code that still has the same problem.
comment Plot all curves in a table with a single color
Related: (58808)
comment Plot all curves in a table with a single color
+1 for the mention, and that answer is now amended.
comment Plot draws list of curves in same color when not using Evaluate
@Kuba Thanks for the note; I hadn't yet noticed it. I'll update the answer.
comment Permanently rounding numbers/values to a given number of significant figures
@George I did my best to address this in an update.
comment How to protect cells on a notebook?
If no new cells can be created, and no existing cells can be modified, do you not have a static document? Why not save the Notebook as a PDF?
comment Writing a procedure that invokes Manipulate[]
@pre-kidney I've been busy today. The code from the first version of my answer with manual Hold and ReleaseHold does not seem to have that problem. I intend to come back to this but I don't have time now. Sorry.
comment Porting Module from one version of Mathematica and platform to another
Someone flagged @Sjoerd 's comment as rude. I have been interacting with him for years and I have never known him to be rude. I think the comment is merely intended to be helpful, and it's quite correct.
comment Table of references
Proposed duplicate: (10322). Also related: (6511) (and see links below that one)
comment Writing a procedure that invokes Manipulate[]
@Nasser It seems the constant updating is due to the use of \[FormalX] in Plot, but I'm not going further tonight.
comment Writing a procedure that invokes Manipulate[]
@Nasser I hadn't noticed. I'll explore that tomorrow too.
comment Writing a procedure that invokes Manipulate[]
@pre-kidney I'm heading for bed so I'll have to address the update tomorrow. Regarding the second point please see (1937) and (8399) which hopefully give a foundation for my use of replacement here. If not I'll try to explain tomorrow.
comment Form a matrix to have inequality elements
Congratulations on entering the 60K club! :-)
comment Define Function with Sum over a list
Related, possible duplicates: (6588), (52057)
comment Writing a procedure that invokes Manipulate[]
@pre-kidney Please see the linked Q&A in Nasser's comment; do you think this question is a duplicate of that one, and if not, why not?
comment Writing a procedure that invokes Manipulate[]
"The default value a0 and the other slider properties are generated in a particular manner from a." This is quite vague. Without some idea of what you need it is hard to provide a recommendation.
comment Strange appearance artefact in ActionMenu
In Windows 7 I have: i.stack.imgur.com/llqh4.png
comment I define a variable as local to a module BUT then the module uses its global value! Why?
@Leonid How do you think this should be handled hereafter? I am tempted to include SetSystemOptions["StrictLexicalScoping" -> True]; in my bug-fix init.m section but I don't like the fact that this will further separate the behavior of my system from the default that most people experience.