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Project Euler

comment webMathematica evaluation gives unexpected results when imported dynamically
It appears that this Question is too old to be migrated. Please post a new one on the site of your choosing. Sorry you didn't get any help around here.
comment What is the right place for user-defined init.m?
Files in $UserBaseDirectory will (should) also remain when you uninstall Mathematica or upgrade versions. They are also simpler to back-up.
revised Function of a random variable
deleted 44 characters in body
comment Can you regroup terms into a sum?
I recall that a similar question has been asked before, and I do not believe that any general answer was (or can be) given. However if you give a sample of your expression I may be able to recommend a method.
comment how to read this result?
Possible duplicates: (13767), (19035)
revised how to read this result?
added 20 characters in body
answered Operate over list of pure functions
comment Operate over list of pure functions
Can also be written: ({x, y} \[Function] x[#]/y[#] &) @@@ {{a, b}, {c, d}, {e, f}}
revised Bug(?) in version 10: Tooltip and ListPointPlot3D
taking the up-votes on my comment as consensus I am adding the bugs tag
answered Compile with modification of arguments' values
comment Compile with modification of arguments' values
+1 and a reopen for your update. This is the kind of additional thought and detail required for a good question.
reviewed Reopen Compile with modification of arguments' values
comment How do I format the output to include the function definition?
@Chip Why not Row[{HoldForm[f], f}, "\[LongEqual]"]? I believe that uses the proper spacing rules.
revised Define a Recurrence Table involving other tables
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revised Why doesn't this pattern work?
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comment Why doesn't this pattern work?
You're welcome. By the way I realize that the close text on this one is a bit dismissive: "simple," "easily," but that is not my intent. I could instead close this as a duplicate of one of the linked questions in the comment above if you would prefer. Also the community may weigh in and decide to reopen it.
comment Bug(?) in version 10: Tooltip and ListPointPlot3D
This looks like a bug. Also Tooltip /@ RandomReal[{0, 1}, {50, 3}] does not work when I believe it should, as it does in ListPlot.
comment Colorize Grayscale Image
@Developer2000 Thanks for the report.
comment Segmentation of a microscopy image with uneven illumination
@user13999 Yes, that is correct.
comment Colorize Grayscale Image
@Developer2000 I added colorize2fast which tests somewhat faster still on my machine. Please try it.