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Happy New Year!

(also known as Spartacus)

Project Euler

See those two pins? Well today I'm going to... stick them in you.

Ok, let me come clean: Mr.Wizard is actually an alias of mine... I'm glad I can finally confess. ― Sjoerd C. de Vries

No, I'm Spatac... I mean, Mr.Wizard! ― R.M

I'm Mr.W, and so's my wife! ― acl

@Spartacus, it was not fixable. ― rcollyer

check again; I just fixed it. :-p ― Spartacus

"This is the internet, where the men are men, the women are men and the children are FBI agents..." ― yoda Dec 18 '11 at 6:06

"My main purpose of being here is in collecting the votes. I'd even go further and say that this is my main purpose in life." ― Leonid Shifrin

"I am making some voodoo dance and invoking the rain God while we talk" ― belisarius

Some people are fortunate. Others get married. ― belisarius

It's not that easy to do the untangling even manually though. – Szabolcs

Maybe you could turn it into a puzzle and let other people do the untangling :-) – Heike

I could make a web based game, and feed all my graphs to the visitors.
SE is a big game, isn't it? :D – Szabolcs

"ListContourPlot crush on simple 5-points data" (Question title)

"Yes, this must be love at first sight."ruebenko

... but I am working with a large body of code written by an incompetent fool (i.e. myself, several years ago...) – Simon Woods

I was tempted to edit your title: "Do rules rule?" But my nose is still bleeding as a result of a limerick. – belisarius

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