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answered How does Mathematica use system environment variables?
comment How does Mathematica use system environment variables?
These Mathematica variables are unrelated to environment variables. In particular $Path has an entirely different purpose and should not be confused with the system's PATH environment variable.
comment How to create a function like in Python
@TadashiKikuno You should use Module for localization unless you know you need Block. (see here). These are used for localization. If there are no variables to localize, just use CompoundExpression, i.e. f[] := (command1; command2; ...)
revised How can I conveniently call igraph through RLink?
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comment What do I do when I get an “Iterator does not have appropriate bounds” error?
@Ruslan Probably not. Why don't you try it?
comment Find all roots in range
@george2079 Yes, but why do you think that is a problem? When Reduce can provide a closed form solution, it will. When it cannot, it will return Root objects. The point is that this method works in a surprisingly large number of cases, with many transcendental equations. It would likely still work if Reduce didn't know about ZetaZero.
comment How do I get a Do function to create a list?
AppendTo will lead to $O(n^2)$ complexity. Reap/Sow will be much faster when collecting lots of results.
answered Find all roots in range
comment Tutorial video on the Wolfram Language
Welcome to Mathematica.SE! This site is different from discussion forums you may be used to. In fact it is not a discussion forum at all, but a questions/answers site. Please take a look at the tour. Your post is not a question, which makes it unsuitable for this site in its current form, so it will be closed. However, you can consider editing this link into the answer below the post Yves has linked to.
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comment Total much slower in version 10
@DanielLichtblau Is it at this point decided whether there'll be a 10.0.2? Or was 10.0.1 the last 10.0.x version?
comment What does this Append expression do?
Have you tried giving list a value and evaluating this piece of code? Does it give the result you expect? If not, what else did you expect?
comment how to use ParametricPlot with solution of NDSolve and other function?
Please provide a complete example, while keeping it as short as possible. The mistake is not in the code you show here, it's likely in the code you didn't show.
comment Font difference in mathematica 9 and 10 after export to illustrator
All the fonts seem to have been outlined, which means that there's no way to get the text back once the EPS has been written. If you use PDF, this doesn't happen. In the v10 betas, even exporting to PDF would outline the fonts, but fortunately this was fixed. I almost never use EPS so didn't notice that with EPS it still happens (I complained about PDF during the beta). I wonder if there's an option to control this.
comment How to set default save directory for notebooks?
@thecommexokid I don't know. I tried it again and mine remembers, both with M9.0.1 and M10.0.1 on OS X 10.9.5. Try this, and restart M, though I don't know if it will help.
comment Importing data from Matlab, using data in “NSolve” and send the results back to Matlab
@Hossein Use files. Export to a file, then run a Mathematica script that reads the data from that file, processes it and writes the result to another. Then read the result from a file.
revised Importing data from Matlab, using data in “NSolve” and send the results back to Matlab
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comment Importing data from Matlab, using data in “NSolve” and send the results back to Matlab
If you use MATLink, you will be able to control MATLAB from Mathematica, but not vice versa: you will not be able to control Mathematica from MATLAB. If your primary working environment is Mathematica and you need to call a few MATLAB functions then MATLink will be perfect. If your primary working environment is MATLAB, then it will be less convenient or not useful.
comment Using mathematica to understand linear algebra
Can you explain in words what you are trying to plot?
comment Is there a command like meshgrid in Mathematica?
In order to get an answer you need to explain what you mean by meshgrid. Even better: explain why you need this. Things are usually not done the same way in Mathematica and MATLAB.