A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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a toolkit for working with SQL databases built into Mathematica.
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Questions about debugging techniques, using the built-in debugger, and/or the Wolfram Workbench debugger.
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Questions on the financial functions of Mathematica.
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Wolfram LibraryLink provides a powerful way to connect external code to Mathematica, enabling high-speed and memory-efficient execution.
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Digital signal processing of sound, video or other single or multidimensional data
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Questions on the use of Mathematica to capture data from external sources.
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Questions on changing Mathematica expressions of one type or format to another, for example date formats, Boxes and other typesetting representations, or different units of measurements.
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Questions on the cluster analysis functions of Mathematica, including the Hierarchical Clustering Package.
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Questions on the functionality of Mathematica for Boolean computation.
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Questions on the arbitrary precision capabilities of Mathematica.
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For all questions relating to webMathematica.
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for requests for books, online resources, etc. that deal with the Mathematica system and its applications. This tag is also for asking references for algorithms used within Mathematica.
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Questions about stochastic calculus in Mathematica, for example how to use `ItoProcess` and `RandomFunction`.
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the underlying representation of two-dimensional forms in notebooks.
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Specific forms of data storage and file types external to Mathematica.
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welcome, as long as they are asked honestly, explain the problem, and show sufficient effort. Please do not use this as the only tag for a question. Please do not add this tag t…
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Questions about the usages of the various initialization files used by Mathematica. The most common ones are the init.m files that can be found in some Mathematica system folders and in a few specific…
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Questions about using CUDALink, Mathematica's method to accelerate programs using NVidia graphics cards.
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a notebook with a collection of controls such as buttons. They can be used to perform many actions in Mathematica, including entering typesetting characters, styling noteb…
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Options, methods or issues launching a Kernel instance
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Questions on filtering or selecting data based on certain criteria. This is to be used with primary tags such as list-manipulation, string-manipulation or signal-processing, with the primary tag indic…
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Tags for questions about convolution, including the Mathematica functions Convolve, DiscreteConvolve, ListConvolve, DirichletConvolve, ImageConvolve, and convolutions using Fourier, FourierTransform, …