A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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× 13 × 10 × 985
Questions on the analytic and numeric equation solving functions of Mathematica (Solve, Reduce, NSolve, FindRoot, DSolve, RSolve, etc.).
× 22
Questions seeking help understanding error messages and fixing errors.
× 175
For questions on interpreting existing error messages that you have encountered, as well as writing and managing messages, assertions and checks for your own functions.
× 18 × 11 × 439
Questions about how Mathematica evaluates expressions, tracing evaluation (Trace*), handling expressions in unevaluated form (Hold*, Unevaluated), nonstandard evaluation, etc.
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Questions asking for an example to be provided, or asking for help understanding examples.
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For questions about importing from or exporting to Microsoft Excel sheets, and interfacing to Microsoft Excel using COM or other methods.
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The utilization of advanced computing technology in mathematical research: new mathematical results discovered partly or entirely with the aid of computer-based tools.
× 503
Questions on converting data, graphics, sound etc. from Mathematica into other file formats.
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How to manipulate expressions structurally, not necessarily complying with the rules of algebra.
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Questions about Mathematica's predicate functions.
× 23
Questions on calling external executables, not necessarily through MathLink.
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Questions on obtaining files and directory structure/information and manipulating the said structure/information, searching/renaming particular files in a directory, etc., in an OS independent manner.
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Questions on filtering or selecting data based on certain criteria. This is to be used with primary tags such as list-manipulation, string-manipulation or signal-processing, with the primary tag indic…
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Questions on the financial functions of Mathematica.