A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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for questions about creating and using custom notations. For help on the use of the built-in operators, see syntax.
× 228 × 36
Questions on the use of Mathematica to capture data from external sources.
× 47
a toolkit for working with SQL databases built into Mathematica.
× 20 × 2 × 33
Specific forms of data storage and file types external to Mathematica.
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× 104 × 85
Questions on using or implementing more or less common data structures such as linked lists, structs, trees, tries, heaps etc. in Mathematica.
× 13
Mathematica pseudo-types Integer, Real, Rational, Complex String and Symbol and their use.
× 115
Questions about Mathematica's date and time functions.
× 51
Questions about debugging techniques, using the built-in debugger, and/or the Wolfram Workbench debugger.
× 22
the process during which a piece of Mathematica code is prepared for distribution or for the internet.
× 14 × 12 × 29
special notebook windows of the Mathematica front end.
× 46
Tag for the usage of RSolve, ReccurenceTable, and implementation of finite difference method(FDM) in Mathematica
× 891
Questions on the symbolic (DSolve, DifferentialRoot) and numerical (NDSolve) solutions of differential equations in Mathematica.
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× 19
Questions on the use of Mathematica to find integer/rational solutions to equations.
× 50 × 8
× 152
For questions about distributions built-in in Mathematica, and functions that operate on them. Also includes questions about defining your own distributions.
× 7
× 94
Questions about making your own documentation similar to the built-in documentation style. Also about finding things in the documentation, working with the documentation, errors in the documentation, …
× 16
Tag for questions relating to the automatic document creations features of Mathematica
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× 23
Questions about DownValues which specify function definitions for symbols.
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