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Say you're developing MyPackage` and want to create page for MySymbol::myMessage. Assuming you already have created standard Application project, with documentation support, perform following steps. Inside MyProject/MyPackage/Documentation/English/ReferencePages create Messages directory with MySymbol sub-directory. Open PacletInfo editor (double click on ...


Nice question! I do not have MMA with me now, but I think you could do as follows: 1- Create a doc page titled with the name of the message. 2 create a message text which includes a link to the above mentioned page. If you have any doubts as to how to make the link, examine the inner "guts" of the Integrate::illim cell, using ctrl-shift-E and try to ...


Here's what you need it's an example. You need to style the output cell! CellPrint[ Cell["abc", 18 , Background -> LightYellow, CellFrame -> {{2, 0}, {0, 0}}, CellFrameColor -> Yellow]]

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