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Adding directory to the beginning of the paclet search path One thing to note is that paclet search path is used only when getting files using a path with ordinary path separator. When getting packages using path with elements separated by context separator ` paclet search path is not used. To add a directory to beginning of paclet search path in ...


What are the steps to integrate the documentation generated by Wolfram Workbench with a pre-existing package? In particular, which files do I need to move into the package directory? When you build documentation, Workbench puts all files needed for documentation deployment in build directory inside your project (if you didn't modify automatically ...


There are, at least, seven "names" related to this question that we usually want to be the same (or related), but in principle they could be different: name of Eclipse/Workbench project, name of directory in which project is contained, name of package file (or of "main" package file if it's bigger application with many *.m files), name of directory ...


It works now. I had to set up my Workbench project as a JLink project. The project where I was integrating my code into was set up as an Application project. After putting the Jar file into the Java folder I can load classes from it without having to specify any path, which is very easy.

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