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I remember from last years conference (Wolfram Technology Conference 2015) that there was a presentation on food entities. It doesn't seem to have been recorded but you can get the presentation (Food in the Wolfram Language). It shows a great deal on how to access foods and gives details on some of their properties. The food data is somewhat deep and very ...


Go to a new cell in a notebook and write "=", this will create an orange equality sign in the beginning of the cell. This means that you have entered the free form input mode. Write the name of a food item or a type of food and evaluate the cell, Mathematica will then return the entity corresponding to that food item or food type. You can hover the entity to ...


For large enough bounds, NSum is used. Compare timings: NSum[(-1)^(n + 1)/n, {n, 1, 100000}] // AbsoluteTiming {0.004744, 0.693142 - 1.3494*10^-16 I} N[Sum[(-1)^(n + 1)/n, {n, 1, 100000}]] // AbsoluteTiming {1.84727, 0.693142}

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