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You can use Rationalize to convert numbers to exact numbers gammaex = 0.2506 // Rationalize[#, 0] &; omega[t_] = 2.43163218375*10^7*Exp[1700*(1/298.15 - 1/(273.15 + t))] // Rationalize[#, 0] &; w[t_] = (3.414105049212413*10^12)/(omega[t]) // Rationalize[#, 0] &; v[t_] = Sqrt[661.6469313477045*(t + 273.15)] // Rationalize[#, 0] &; ...


As Guesswhoitis already suggested, this is a machine precision issue. So let us do your computation with arbitrary precision numbers. For doing so, all machine numbers have to be replaced with arbitrary precision numbers, otherwise the computation falls back to machine numbers. In the following command I have done this by placing `30 after each machine ...


Note This answer was meant for a bit of fun but instead does a good job of managing expectations for Entity in the WL at present. Image Identify and Google Image Search Wolfram have heavily promoted their ImageIdentify project (http://blog.wolfram.com/2015/05/13/wolfram-language-artificial-intelligence-the-image-identification-project/) which might be a ...


As pointed out by Michael Seifert in a comment GeoGraphics[Polygon[Ctrl+=Italy]] should work (it worked for me), but if you want do it without using Wolfram's server, try GeoGraphics[Polygon[Entity["Country", "Italy"]], GeoBackground -> None]


airports = {"ABE", "ABI", "ACT"}; AirportData["Properties"] data = AirportData[#, {"IATACode", "Name", "Cities", "Latitude", "Longitude"}] & /@ airports; data // Grid airports = {"ABE", "ABI", "ACT"}; EDIT: A quicker method would be to download a .csv file and filter it. data = Import["http://ourairports.com/data/airports.csv"]; The ...


You're pretty close. The following code should do it: Entity["Airport", #]& /@ airports


Okay, I'm slowly going through the questions involving elliptic integral evaluations. Yet again, none of the software mentioned in this thread have managed to produce a "clean" expression. For the benefit of future readers, here's a tidier closed form for your perusal: N[2 (7 Sqrt[5] + 2 (10 EllipticE[2 π/3, 11/12] + EllipticF[2 π/3, 11/12])/Sqrt[3])/9, 20] ...

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