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This =Solve[64((x-Sqrt[x^2-1])/(x+1))^2-25(1-Sqrt[x-1]/(x+1))^2+9==0, x] and this WolframAlpha["Solve[64((x-Sqrt[x^2-1])/(x+1))^2-25(1-Sqrt[x-1]/(x+1))^2+9==0,x]"‌​] solve immediately. Note: One reason for using WolframAlpha to handle some calculations is that you can sometimes see the steps involved, see additional information, make use of curated ...


Here's a start.... x = "healed"; y = "pay"; Intersection[ WolframAlpha["synonyms of " <> y, {{"Synonyms:WordData", 1}, "ComputableData"}, InputAssumptions -> {"*MC.%7E-_*WordData-"}], WolframAlpha["rhymes with " <> x, {{"Rhyme:WordData", 1}, "ComputableData"}, PodStates -> {"Rhyme:WordData__More"}, InputAssumptions -> ...

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