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Use Interpreter without federal state or country. Works even for small german towns :) Interpreter["City"]["Memmingen"] GeoPosition[%] GeoGraphics[%] EDIT: Also you could ask for the airport: town = Interpreter["City"]["Memmingen"]; airport = Interpreter["Airport"]["Memmingen"]; GeoPosition[{town, airport}] or just use the nearest airport ...


You could use the official ICAO abbreviation: Entity["Airport", "KLAX"] which makes sense because you will only be able to use officially named airports most of the time anyway. You can always get those (or the city details) via a W|A query and work your way from there (no googling involved): or like this (although it misses Van Nuys):


Thanks to your nice answers and comments I found a solution to my problem: FlightPath[cities_List, pro_: "AzimuthalEquidistant"] := Module[{lc = Length@cities, color, dest, dist, entity, legend, pair, path}, color = {Red, Darker@Green, Blue, Black, Orange, Purple}; entity = Interpreter["City"][#] & /@ cities; dest = GeoPosition@First@entity; ...


Wolfram Alpha gives the following information: UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "$"], "\[Euro]"] Quantity[0.772082, "Euros"] 370.24 / 0.772082 479.535 (* USD per BitCoin *) Actual quotation of one broker: 478.37 USD per BitCoin. All this is coherent. The only remaining question for me: Why aren't BitCoin rates shown by UnitConvert? Maybe because ...

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