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A support case with the identification [CASE:3620463] was created. And a reply: [...] I have forwarded an incident report to our developers with the information you provided.


You can Get the palette, then apply MakeExpression in order to convert boxes into the corresponding high-level expression, and then display the result as InputForm. For example: palette = Get@ FileNameJoin[{$InstallationDirectory, "SystemFiles", "FrontEnd", "Palettes", "SlideShow.nb"}]; InputForm @@ MakeExpression[palette, StandardForm] If you ...


Actually I think you can use NotebookGet to get the code of the palettes. With only your notebook and palette opened, Using NotebookGet@Notebooks[][[2]] can get you the expression form, if that's what you need. But the problem is that this result, just like other outputs of NotebookGet, is full of Cell or CellBox or so, actually still hard to read. But the ...

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