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I had the same in V9 on my work (can't test V10 right now), and it often seemed to be a problem of a proxy using the NTLM protocol for authentication which Mathematica had difficulties with. I found a solution by installing the debugging proxy Fiddler as an intermediate between Mathematica and the company proxy to do the NTLM talking. However, I just ...


Edit -> Preferences -> Internet Connectivity -> Proxy Settings switch to "Use the following settings" and try [user]:[pwd]@[Proxyname].[Domain]:[Port]


Issue resolved with the recent update to Mathematica 10.0.1. The startup of Mathematica still takes quite a long time, but afterwards the notebook won't freeze anymore. 'Formatting notebook contents' only occurs on startup MMA and on closing a notebook.


A simpler alternative: winRenameFile[f1_, f2_] := Module[{}, RenameFile[f1, "pre" <> f1]; RenameFile["pre" <> f1, f2]]


I'm not certain why and when this does or doesn't work, but do a windows search for Math Input Panel allows me to enter equations using the Windows input panel.


Using Autohotkey the following works pretty well. #IfWinActive ahk_class NotebookFrame Enter::Send {blind}{shift down}{enter}{shift up} Shift & Enter::Send {enter} return In case the internals are ever changed you can use the following to get the internal class. Return:: WinGetClass, class, A MsgBox, The active window's class is "%class%". ...

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