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This problem has occurred since version 9 on one of my two computers, but only when I disabled the external monitor and used the laptop's LCD. Normally I extend the desktop across the external monitor (1920x1200, main display having the Windows taskbar) and the laptop LCD (1920x1080). In the dual-monitor configuration there is no problem. Today I installed ...


This is not an answer. I can't give one as I have no access to Windows. However, it describes an experiment that I think might cast some light on how each of your options is affecting the rendering of a slider. When I run into a problem with the space allocated to a control, I find it useful to experiment with variations that have a frame drawn around each ...


From this answer: mathematica start front end and eval notebook from command line This runs a .m file called first.m cd C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\7.0 MathKernel -noprompt -initfile firstgo.m The answer also shows how to run it from a batch file which can be run by Windows Scheduler. Additionally calling the front end as the example ...


See FileDate FileDate["file","type"] gives information on the specified type of date associated with a file. Global System Information will unveil more details.


This bug has been fixed as of version 10.0.2. See also these other questions: (58799), (60408), (72750) and (90054).


Go to Preferences -> Messages and choose the desired option for Kernel Messages.


This looks very weird indeed. Here's my theory on what happens. First, what is ?something equivalent to exactly? It's the same as Information["something", LongForm -> False] Note that I wrote "something" in quotes. This is not exactly the same as Information[something] (without quotes). ? is one of those operators that, when appearing at the ...


Information has an option LongForm. ?... is equivalent to Information[..., LongForm -> False] ??... is equivalent to Information[..., LongForm -> True]


This works for running scripts. Print is not supported although the last return value defaults to the stdout. Needs["NETLink`"]; InstallNET[]; ShowNETConsole["stdout"]; LoadNETType["System.Console"]; Console`Out@WriteLine["Hello from .NET"]; WatchFile[file_String, fun_] := Module[{time, time2, w, e}, w = NETNew["System.IO.FileSystemWatcher"]; ...


I upgraded three machines from Windows 7 to Windows 10, two of which were work machines containing installations of Mathematica 10.x (and earlier). So far I have encountered zero issues related to Mathematica with this Windows upgrade. From a personal perspective, upgrading to Windows 10 was very simple. Also the QA team for Mathematica did a full test of ...

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