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I suppose this is what you need. So the first thing is to use Module since With injects values into held expressions. Moreover PrePrint is probably to late to catch "5+7". So I'd go with $Pre: $Pre = Function[expr, Module[ {expr$ = ToString[Unevaluated[expr], InputForm]}, MSPToExpression[expr$] ], HoldAllComplete ]


Your functions need to be defined before your Solve command. g[x_] := -x + 2; h[x_] := 3 x; f[x_] := -x^2 + 4; Solve[{f[x] == g[x]}, {x}, Reals] Returns {{x -> -1}, {x -> 2}}


In the new 10.3 version, you can write in WlL the logic of your app/website and generate HTTP responses. See the documentation.

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