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If your plot doesn't show anything, it's often helpful to look what your plotted function does. If you evaluate e.g. f[1] in your notebook, you'll see: -1 + ln[1] That's because there is no build-in function called ln. You probably want Log.


WebMathematica supports JSP. You can use any front-end framework (Bootstrap, Foundation or alternatives) that supports responsive design. So it can be used to create a mobile UI that works with web too. Next step could be using this UI to create a REST API. Off course what you want to do within the API/Service is left to your use case. Being a backend ...


If you have a look at the "webMathematica/Examples/PlotScript/PlotScript.jsp" example : <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="msp" %> <html> <head> <script> function plot(f) { win = "PlotScript1.jsp?fun=" + URLescape( + "&x1=" + URLescape(f.x1.value), "plot", ...

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