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So thanks to @mfvonb I was able to get a start building a preliminary form to create such a dashboard: Mathematica by default needs to load the database functionality into memory (like any header file) in order to function. Needs["DatabaseLink`"]; Creates the connection to the database from which the data can be pulled. conn = ...


dataset1 = Table[{x1[n], y1[n]}, {n, 5}]; poly2[x_] = a*x^2 + b*x + c; rms1 = Norm[(poly2 /@ dataset1[[All, 1]]) - dataset1[[All, 2]]]/ Sqrt[Length[dataset1]]; rms2 = RootMeanSquare[(poly2 /@ dataset1[[All, 1]]) - dataset1[[All, 2]]]; (rms1 // ComplexExpand) == rms2 True


In version 10, ListPlot chooses point size automatically. They have used this exact example to demonstrate it here.


It's not a TreeMap using non-rectangles. But maybe can expire someone to go beyond. I believe that I get a nice squarification using this article suggested by @M.R. The code is for Mathematica V10, and can be tested in the WolframCloud. I played with Associations and some others new MMA funcitons as Area and the new @* notation. (*Test Function*) ...

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