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if you have Mathematica 10 use Association function: asc=<|"U0[1]"-> U0[1], "U0[2]"-> U0[2], "B0"-> B0, "V0[1]"-> V01, "V0[2]"-> V0[2]|> this new build in container function supports extracting its content by keys, which are strings in this case, and by indexes asc = <|"U0[1]" -> U0[1], "U0[2]" -> U0[2], "B0" -> B0, ...


I think the documentation needs to be more clear on this; the order of definitions is important: Remove[plus] Attributes[plus] = {Orderless}; plus[x__Integer, y__Real] := x + y plus[2.5, 3] 5.5 So the Orderless attribute must be active at the time the definition is created. Noteworthy is that definitions made before setting the attribute can ...

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