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I don't know what bases you want to sort Unicode words with but why not try sort based on CharacterCode of first Unicode letter: FromCharacterCode[SortBy[ToCharacterCode[{"ɝ", "ʃ", "ɝˈs"}], First]] (*{"ɝ", "ɝˈs", "ʃ"}*) Based on your comment this could be one solution: n = Max[Length /@ ToCharacterCode[{"ɝz", "ɝaz", "ʃ"}]]; FromCharacterCode[ ...


You can see here. For a character in range U+0000 to U+D7FF or U+E000 to U+FFFF, ToCharacterCode[c] will just return the same value as c's Unicode code point. For a character in range U+10000 to U+10FFFF, ToCharacterCode[c] will return two numbers, and Mathematica will take it as two characters. For example: In[1]:= ToCharacterCode /@ {"$", "€", "𐐷", ...

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