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It's on my list of things to tackle as part of the Incremental Language Development project. In the meantime, there is a built-in solution that is fairly fast, which is: Needs["MachineLearning`"]; ToUpperCaseUnicode[{"éàÇœßþ\[Sigma]\[FinalSigma]", "ijķnjđӽծ", "ÿ"}] {"ÉÀÇŒSSÞ[CapitalSigma][CapitalSigma]", "IJĶNJĐӼԾ", "Ÿ"} (not sure how to copy-paste the ...


Here is a function that copies a Unicode string to the clipboard using JLink: Needs["JLink`"]; InstallJava[]; LoadJavaClass["java.awt.Toolkit", AllowShortContext -> False]; uniclip[s_String] := JavaBlock[ java`awt`Toolkit`getDefaultToolkit[]@getSystemClipboard[]@setContents[#, #]& @ JavaNew["java.awt.datatransfer.StringSelection", s] ...

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