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I have Mma v.8.0.0 here and it works and gives the same result as v10. Just as a reference, it works also on v9.0.1. IDK if there are versions between 7.0.1 and 8.0.0, though.


The documentation for Association offers the following tantalizing (and frustrating) remarks... Typical list operations (such as Map, Select, and Sort) apply to the values in an association, leaving the keys unchanged. ... and ... Keys are "transparent" for many operations ... but it remains silent on the identity of those "many operations" ...


To me your question boils down to whether or not Listable functions are supposed to act as wrapped in Thread or MapThread. According to the documentation, Thread has not changed since V1 and, indeed, Thread[f[<|a -> 1, b -> 2|>, <|a -> 5, b -> 6|>]] f[<|a -> 1, b -> 2|>, <|a -> 5, b -> 6|>] However, ...

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