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Great stuff rasher! One thing to point out is that we can still use the third argument of Extract if we use Span. Indeed Extract is now more general/flexible than Part, except that you cannot use Extract with Set. Extract appears to work quickly on packedarrays. Timings Here are some timing comparisons. Extract can indeed beat Part with Map (or like in ...


It works in Mathematica 8.0.4 under Windows.


Verified to work in Mathematica V9.0.1 on MS Windows.


To create Experimental`NumericalFunction, one needs to evaluate Experimental`CreateNumericalFunction[vars, expr, dims] where vars is a list of arguments, expr - the expression from which the numerical function will be created, dims - the dimensions of the output matrix produced by this expression. If the output is scalar, then dims should be set to {}. It ...


I'll show some examples of using the undocumemnted function Prism. Tetrahedron and Hexahedron are very similar. First some points: g = {{4, 2, 4}, {2, 2, 2}, {6, 2, 2}, {4, 6, 4}, {2, 6, 2}, {6, 6, 2}} p = Prism[g]; We can use p directly in Graphics3D e.g. Graphics3D[p] Or more fancy stuff: Graphics3D[{EdgeForm[{Thick, Darker@Green}], ...

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