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Xavier, Two things to keep in mind: estimating a GARCH(1,1) with 250 points may not find reliable parameters. Try increasing the length of the input time series. For example, using 20,000 points I get these results from both approaches (even if the second does not converge fast enough): with TimeSeriesModelFit: GARCHProcess[0.0901242, {0.0395382}, ...


Let the imported sound be sound = ExampleData[{"Sound", "JetSound"}] One can extract the SampledSoundList with sound[[1]] This example has 2 channels and a sampling rate of 44100 Hz, as can be seen not only in the sound object box, but also from Length@sound[[1, 1]] 2 sound[[1, 2]] 44100 To get the list of the amplitudes of the first ...

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