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The Question contains two different sets of equations. I chose to solve the one in Mathematica format. Begin with the third equation, which (after correcting a syntax error) is solved by First@Solve[f[x, y] - x^2 - y^2 == 0, f[x, y]] (* {f[x, y] -> x^2 + y^2} *) Substitute this solution into the first and second equations, holding them Unevaluated so ...


With some confidence instilled by the comments, I decided to give it a go. The subdirectory of Documentation which appears to take up the most space is Symbols (2GB). Having deleted this I can happily say there has been (in the last hour) no adverse effect. Following Oleksandr R.'s lead, I'm not promising the same will be true for anyone else: but it seems ...

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