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The Wolfram Extras on Windows as of version 10.2 include the following the browser addons, namely npmathplugin.dll (an NPAPI plugin, compatible with e.g. Firefox, but no longer supported by Chrome) and MathPlugin.dll (ActiveX control for Internet Explorer), which are typically installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Wolfram Research\Browser ...


? name is a special input form with nonstandard parsing behavior, just like >>> as explained here. When you write a line starting with ? the item following it is not a Symbol, contrary to appearances. Instead it is a String with implicit delimiters. This is not simply a matter of a hold attribute. For example HoldComplete[a^] is incomplete ...


I do not think this a bug, but more of a peculiarity of paclet manager. This sort of thing happens when a package isn't loaded and a function it defines is mentioned. This what I think happened. At the time you evaluated In[1], VariationalD was an undefined symbol, because the VariationalMethods package wasn't loaded. Which is what the message you got told ...


You are looking for $CloudEvaluation system variable. For example: $CloudEvaluation (* False *) and CloudEvaluate[$CloudEvaluation] (* True *)

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