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OK, as an after-meal exercise, I fixed your code. The main modifications I've done are: 1. Based on trick mentioned in this post, change your pattern-matching function into pure function. 2. Change qsum = MapThread[Plus, #] &@Rq(for some unclear reason it can't be compiled, maybe it's because Rq isn't a "explicit" list? ) into qsum=Total@Rq. 3. ...


You can do that this way: Values = {{1, 2}, {3, 4}, {5, 6}}; VariableS = {{x1, x2}, {x3, x4}, {x5, x6}}; MapThread[Set, {VariableS, Values}, 2]; Integrate[Sin[x], {x, x1, x2}] Cos[1] - Cos[2] Your way is not working because VariableS[[1]] = Values[[1]]; sets the value of the first element of VariableS not the symbol names stored there.


With 1. the note about the behavior of ReplacePart inside Compile made by Daniel Lichtblau and Albert Retey in the comments above, 2. the correction for the simple mistake {a2, _Real} {a3, _Real}, 3. the note about All inside Compile here, 4. a modification for the uncompiled definition of qr i.e. changing qr = MapThread[Join[#1, {#2}, #3, {#4}] ...

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