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Here's another way to achieve the same thing: Differences[{##}] & @@@ B {{1, 1}, {}, {1, 1, 1}} OR for fun Replace[B, x : {__} :> Differences[x], 1]


Differences /@ B or, if you don't like runes, Map[Differences, B] In v10, there is an operator form of Map which can be very useful, Map[Differences] @ B which allows you to slip a Map operation into a sequence of transformations without worrying about precedence issues.


Built-in Mathematica symbols can be looked up directly in a Mathematica session by selecting the symbol/command text and hitting F1. This is also available in the menu: Help --> Find Selected Function. The online Wolfram language reference includes categories for digging through the documentation, but it also includes a search box which can be used to ...


If you separately define the distribution, the forms of subsequent expressions are simplified and you are less likely to lose track of the brackets. dist = TransformedDistribution[x^2, x \[Distributed] ProbabilityDistribution[((2/9))*(x + 2), {x, -2, 1}]]; PDF[dist, y] Plot[ Evaluate[PDF[dist, y]], {y, 0, 4}, Filling -> Axis] mgf[t_] = ...


Thread[f[B]] /. f -> Differences

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