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I think the better solution that I find so far is shown as below: SetOptions[SelectedNotebook[], PrintingStyleEnvironment -> "Printout", ShowSyntaxStyles -> True]


You want all the basic stuff, the same stuff I do, but unfortunately it seems support here is pretty thin on the ground. Some others I've found: https://github.com/melton1968/math - seems to be a full attempt at a parser, which is amazing, but it doesn't appear to be functioning properly right now. As much as I'd like to deep dive on that, I don't have the ...


Pardon me if this is unjustifiably curt but I don't see how this problem is different from many others that result from placing Dynamic too deep within an expression. Move the Dynamic to the outside and the element in question updates just fine: on = True; Row@{Checkbox@Dynamic@on, Spacer@10, ExpressionCell[ Dynamic@RawBoxes@ RowBox@{"Block", ...


The last three locals are actually String, i.e. "\"local\"" at the box level. The fourth from the end, however, should be due to lacking of syntax highlight at the FrontEnd. For this problem, I guess you'll have to force the FrontEnd re-render the ExpressionCell after each update of the on. Usually this can be done by changing an option of the cell (like ...

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