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The RGTensors definition in the EDCRGTCcode.m file for that package starts as follows: RGtensors[gIN_, xIN_, opt___] := Module[ {frameOpt = 0, eIN, Ropt = True, Wopt = True, Eopt = True, idMat, eFrame, dxRul, Bmat, Amat, NP$ = False, de, k$, StrCon, γUdd, γddd, g1ddd, g2ddd, Gamddd, rmn, tmp, RUd, Rg, gg, sT, Cflat, EinSp}, Clear[ ...


It doesn't do anything, it just formats in a certain way. You can assign your own definition if you like. References: Operators without builtin meanings

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