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Perhaps L[prefix_String, i_Integer] := Symbol[prefix <> ToString[i]] then Plus @@ (L["A", #]& /@ Range[4]) A1 + A2 + A3 + A4


Actually, while the input escape ?? is shorthand for Information, ? is not a shorthand for Definition (though ? might use Definition). Basically, if there is a usage message defined, ? returns that, if not, it returns definitions. Information and ?? always return everything accessible. Compare: In[25]:= f[x_] := Cos[x] f[b_, c_] := Sin[b c] f::usage = ...


You can also define your own function if you want to apply it to multiple cases myFunc = ArrayFlatten@MapThread[List, {{K11e[#], K21e[#]}, {K12e[#], K22e[#]}}, 1] & myFunc@1 // MatrixForm


You should use ArrayFlatten to build block matrices, for example {{K11e[1], K12e[1]}, {K21e[1], K22e[1]}} // ArrayFlatten

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