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Mathematica still works with Courier by default. Nothing is broken about your copy of Mathematica. It is the case, however, that if you use any sans serif font (or at least any font that properly advertises itself as sans serif...many amateur font designers don't bother setting font metadata bits correctly), you'll see the new MathematicaSans font in use ...


Nothing is wrong with your settings. Mathematica 10 is supposed to be using the old fonts. The old fonts are shown in the blog post introducing Mathematica 10. Note: People report that the hack described below doesn't work on Windows or Linux. It works on OS X, where I tried it. But you can play with the new fonts if you like. Go to Format -> Edit ...


You need to set CellLabelAutoDelete->False You can do this programmatically: SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[],CellLabelAutoDelete->False] or set it in your stylesheet.


I have solved this problem. Glynn and Gray (2000) state the settings for PageBreakAbove, PageBreakBelow, PageBreakWithin, and GroupPageBreakWithin are available only in the Option Inspector. Therefore, these settings cannot be applied to Edit Stylesheet. The table titles, tables, and table notes are kept in the same pages using the following procedure: ...

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