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You can edit the StyleSheet to change the font sizes of "Input" and "Output" cells. Adapting @MichaelE2's answer in this related Q/A: Change font of formula number in DisplayFormulaNumbered


Contrary to my understanding of Kuba's comments below the question DefaultNewCellStyle is a supported option for individual Cells. For example you can create a Notebook with three Chapters, each with a different default cell style: CreateDocument[{ Cell["New cells are Input", "Chapter", DefaultNewCellStyle -> "Input"], Cell["New cells are Text", ...


I don't know how about you but I missed the fact it is built in since V 10. Go Format -> Stylesheet -> ReverseColor:


Ok, let's open new package File -> New -> Package. It was second on my list of Notebooks[]. So: package = Notebooks[][[2]] This is a notebook as any other, it just has different stylesheet ("Package.nb") and we can modify it as any other: SetOptions[ package, { StyleDefinitions -> Notebook[{ Cell[StyleData[StyleDefinitions ...

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