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You just need to add the ticks style that you want to the Graphics style in your style sheet. It is analogous to the answer of mine that you have referenced. Cell[StyleData["Graphics"], GraphicsBoxOptions->{ DefaultTicksStyle->Directive[FontSize->14,FontColor->RGBColor[1,0,0]]}]


I've found a way to do it, it seems to work : Open the Option Inspector window (in the Format menu) Type in the search box : ticks There is a DefaultTicksStyle (GraphicsBoxOptions) entry (beware, there is very similar entry for 3D: DefaultTicksStyle (Graphics3DBoxOptions)) Change the value of this entry to any you want. All the changes you make here are ...


Observations pertain to Mathematica 10 under Windows. It seems that at least with certain fonts the font weight (or variation) needs to be specified as part of the FontFamily rather than the FontWeight. Using code from How to find out available fonts from within Mathematica?: fontlist = FE`Evaluate[FEPrivate`GetPopupList["MenuListFonts"]]; selection = ...


It seems indeed that v10 (OSX) is not anymore able to display all the fonts typefaces available on the system, whereas v9 is. You can easily check that using directly the font panel (Menu : "Format -> "Show Fonts ..."). Select some text in the notebook, and try to modify its FontFamily and Typeface. For example choose the font family "Helvetica Neue" and ...

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