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I guess my solution maybe pretty easy,but it can works: n = 5; ToExpression[Table["{", {n}] <> Table["}", {n}]] == Nest[{#} &, {}, n - 1] True And if I set n a large number: n=2*10^6; Nest[{#} &, {}, n]; Depth[%] 2000002 Also works.


Possible cause: f = OpenWrite["test.csv"]; WriteString[f, "1,2,3\n\n4,5,6\n"]; Close[f]; FilePrint["test.csv"] Through[{Length, MatrixForm}@Import["test.csv", "Lines"]] Through[{Length, MatrixForm}@ReadList["test.csv", "Record"]] Readlist doesn't count a blank line (double line ending) as a "record" while Import does You can fix this with ...

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