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After looking at all the comments I was able to come up the following code that allows me to connect and query the database: Needs["DatabaseLink`"]; conn1 = OpenSQLConnection[ JDBC["Microsoft SQL Server(jTDS)", "ARC-WEB"], "UserName" -> "Mathematica", "Instance" -> "SKWSPATIAL", "database" -> "yyy", "Password" -> "xxx"] Thanks for all your help!!


SELECT A, B, COUNT(A) OVER(PARTITION BY B) AS 'Count' FROM DB.dbo.Table1 GROUP BY A, B ORDER BY A, B This is the query needed for Microsoft SQLServer 2012. This should work in versions back to SQL Server 2005, but was not tested. This correctly counts instances in the table where one value occurs with another value in a column. This would be similar in MM ...

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