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Let the imported sound be sound = ExampleData[{"Sound", "JetSound"}] One can extract the SampledSoundList with sound[[1]] This example has 2 channels and a sampling rate of 44100 Hz, as can be seen not only in the sound object box, but also from Length@sound[[1, 1]] 2 sound[[1, 2]] 44100 To get the list of the amplitudes of the first ...


Here is a rather quick attempt. Define a function which converts frequencies to the nearest pitch. NoteName[freq_] := Module[{notelist,freqlist,list}, notelist = {"B"}~Join~ Nest[Join[{"C", "C\[Sharp]/D\[Flat]", "D", "D\[Sharp]/E\[Flat]", "E", "F", "F\[Sharp]/G\[Flat]", "G", "G\[Sharp]/A\[Flat]", "A", "A\[Sharp]/B\[Flat]", "B"}, #] ...

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