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As suggested in the comments, SortBy should work. For example you could do f[Derivative[_][x_][_]] := x f[x_[_]] := x f[x_] := x SortBy[{a, x[t], y[t], x'[t], y'[t], x''[t], y''[t]}, f] One should check how robust this solution is though. Edit And a more compact way of writing f is f[Derivative[_][x_][_] | x_[_] | x_] := x


Well, it is not clear whether or not you like to shift the x-axis too, to make it appear in almost the same place, but here is a start: ParametricPlot[Evaluate[{0.625 - k2[t], S1[t]} /. s], {t, 300, 450}, AspectRatio -> 0.5, PlotStyle -> Black, AxesLabel -> {k2, S1}, AxesOrigin -> {0.275, 0.0}] If you like to have correct ticks that ...

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