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Here is an approach using MovingMap and f from Karsten 7: f[a_, {x_, y_}] := Piecewise[{{a x, x < y}, {x, x == y}, {1 - a + a x, x > y}}, 0] s[lst_] := MovingMap[f[0.5, {#[[4]], Mean[#[[1 ;; 3]]]}] &, lst, 3] Visualizing: ListPlot[s /@ RandomVariate[BetaDistribution[3, 1], {5, 100}], Joined -> True, Frame -> True]


The Finite Element solver in Mathematica does run in parallel, both element computation and the linear solve process are spread over the CPU cores available. Additionally, the option "MeshElementBlocks" for ToElementMesh splits the mesh elements in blocks which could be used for a domain decomposition. To get a more detailed answer you'd need to clarify ...

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