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I'm not sure on which operating system you are and whether this makes a difference, but your 4 choice don't do the same. math -run file.m edit: When you change this command to math -run < file.m then it does the same as the next (wrong) alternative. Doesn't do anything with the content of file.m at all, because the -run option expects a command ...


Boardman's tutorial (now in v3) really is excellent (especially for beginners like myself) and has been updated to take into account new image processing functions in MMA v10. It's readable on a Mac using the iBooks.app bundled with OSX 10.9+ and there's also a YouTube version (though I've not had a chance to look at that yet). As to how the Manipulate ...


There are a number of ways to grab moving images off a screen, and for iBooks/iPad resolution, that should be plenty good, though not so much at your local iMax. Examples: http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ http://www.movavi.com/screen-capture/

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