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This problem is probably due to the MathematicaMono font which is introduced in v10. Defining the problem: Some fonts ("[","_","]","=", etc.) are rendered badly with strange thinning in v10 in some notebook magnifications. This is obvious when you compare the renderings from v10 with those from v9. Analyzing the problem: I found that all of these ...


I analyzed which fonts are loaded when starting Mma v10 compared to v9. The problem could be tracked down to the loading of the fonts in the Folder $InstallationDirectory\SystemFiles\Fonts\TrueType If you open Mathematica-Bold.ttf or MathematicaMono-Bold.ttf, you will see how ugly these are. To prevent loading these fonts one should make a backup copy of ...


You must adjust the Antialiasing Quality to solve that issue. Go to menu Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Graphics.. then adjust it.. That worked for me. I have Ubuntu 14.04 and Mathematica V9. Other solution is open a terminal and run: mathematica -mesa when opening.

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