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I don't think that this is a problem with Mathematica, but rather with a combination of (possibly) HP printers and PostScript printer drivers on Macs. The error you see is a PostScript error; see this site for an explanation. The short version is that the printer has reached some kind of internal limit, most commonly caused by a page that is too complex ...


This works for simple things output = $Output; $Output = OpenWrite["/dev/null"]; (*or "NUL" on windows *) Print["suppressed"]; Close[$Output]; $Output = output; Not sure if it might have some unintended side effects.


One common way to deal with diagnostic messages is something like this: Instead of Print use some other head of your choosing, e.g. debugPrint. f[x_] := (debugPrint["x is ", x]; x^2) Now you can either simply define debugPrint = Print to enable messages permanently, or you can do it temporarily in a localized way with Block[{debugPrint = Print}, f[5]] ...


Seems like you are looking for Inactivate: ClearAll[x, y]; Inactivate[ Print[x = 1]; Print[y = x + 3]; y, Print] 4

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