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You can increase "the precision used in internal computations" with the option WorkingPrecision. This should by default also increase the AccuracyGoal and the PrecisionGoal. Using an other Method could potentially also help.


Not knowing exactly what FibersFailedNew and FibersFailedNewT2 are, I'm going to hazard a guess that they are MachinePrecision numbers. I'm also going to guess that your use of SetPrecision does not achieve what you want it to do. The code SetPrecision[FibersFailedNew, 40] does not change the precision of FibersFailedNew; it displays the value of ...


Using your above numbers the following observations might help you: o1 = 3.612171938234261799295174910010284760488*10^-16; o2 = 3.612171938234886971562562561866073555376*10^-16; Subtracting like you from 1 (Integer!) o11 = 1 - o1; o22 = 1 - o2; o11 == o22 False o22 - o11 shows a tiny difference: -6.2517226738765185578879489*10^-29 Position ...

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