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In Mathematica 9, (rm -rf)'s comment that fonts with the extension .otf (aka OpenType) can't be embedded still holds. In addition, I've also noticed that not all fonts with the extension .ttf can be embedded. When choosing a font for your PDF files, it might be best to always test the files in other environments where that font isn't installed.


This might help. Here I have a helper function to make the legend into an Inset: plot = Plot[Evaluate[Exp[-4 f] /. {{f -> t}, {f -> t^2}}], {t, 0, 3}, BaseStyle -> {FontSize -> 11, AbsoluteThickness[1.5]}, PlotStyle -> {Blue, Red}, AxesLabel -> {"t"}, PlotLabel -> "Negativity", PlotLegends -> Placed[{"OU", "FBM"}, ...

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