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It is not really an answer, but if you select this expression and go to Menu/Evaluation/EvaluateInPlace you will repair your formula. May be this helps. You might also want to define a simple function to apply it to each your expression to prevent any its unwanted reformatting. like this, for example: rE[expr_] := Rasterize[Evaluate[expr] // ...


This isn't a real solution to the Export As PDF problem but it is a useful workaround in case other workarounds like reverting back to MMA 10.0.1 or using Export instead of Save As don't work for you (as was the case for me since I was already in MMA 10.0.1 and had used Export). You could of course always export as a raster graphics format like JPEG or PNG ...


Try to avoid transparent Ticks, or FontSize -> 0, probably this is a problem for PDF. Instead you can define your Ticks directly without Labels, if you want to have them like that. V[r_] := Exp[-2 (r - 1)] - 2 Exp[-(r - 1)] p = Plot[V[r], {r, 0, 5}, Ticks -> { {#, ""} & /@ Range[0, 5, .5], {#, ""} & /@ Range[-1, 1, .25]}, AxesLabel -> ...


If you want an overall page title and a different label on each subfigure: Column[ {Text[Style["Here are all my graphs", 24, Bold, Blue]], Grid[ Partition[ Table[ ListPlot[RandomInteger[{0, 10}, 10], ImageSize -> 400, PlotLabel -> "Figure number " <> ToString[i]], {i, 9}], 3]]}, Alignment -> Center]

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