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You need to set the page size as well as the paper size. I can only test this in V10.1 but it works: nb = CreateDocument[{TextCell["PDF Test", "Section"],Table[PieChart@Range@5, {7}]}]; SetOptions[nb, PrintingOptions -> {"PaperOrientation"->"Landscape","PageSize" -> {1296, 864}, "PaperSize" -> {1296, 864}}]; SetOptions[nb, ...


If you highlight all the brackets on the right side of what you want, and then do File->Save Selection As you should get this. nb = CreateDocument[{TextCell["PDF Test", "Section"], {Table[PieChart@Range@5, {7}]} // TableForm}]; I transposed the list so it reads left to right and put it in table form to get rid of the brackets. nb = ...


With some modifications. nb = CreateDocument[ Column[{TextCell["PDF Test", "Section"], GraphicsRow[Table[PieChart@Range@5, {7}], ImageSize -> 700]}]];

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