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As demonstrated by the asker, Mathematica is failing to distribute the definitions of C-compiled library functions in a way that can be called by other C-compiled functions. I agree this is a bug. I have submitted a bug report to Wolfram Research and hope to update the post to include the result of that. 1. One workaround is to compile to C only in the ...


Try using htop in the terminal to confirm that given Mathematica task is using multiple cores. I use htop all the time to monitor CPU and memory usage.


If you have access to the graphical interface, try looking up the help page for CompilationTarget and open "Neat Examples". Run the commands there and you'll get a nice interactive Mandelbrot set explorer in which you can zoom using a slider and move using mouse drag. You can make this arbitrarily hard by changing the constant 99 to, say, 5000 in the first ...

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