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Three changes are needed to make this code work: Move PrintTemporary inside the Do loop, so that it can access i. Remove i from the list of Module temporary variables. You may as well eliminate the symbol bar as well, because there is no need for it. Replace Dynamic[i] with With[{i = i}, Dynamic[i]], as aptly explained in "A Good Trick to Know" of ...


Put the protect/unprotect into the table: ParallelTable[Unprotect[Power]; Power[0 | 0., 0 | 0.] = 1; Protect[Power]; 0^0, {i, 5}] I'm not sure how to do it globally, but you can make it a bit less painful if ParallelTable has to be called many times: setPow := (Unprotect[Power]; Power[0 | 0., 0 | 0.] = 1; Protect[Power];); ParallelTable[setPow; 0^0, ...


Packages need to be loaded explicitly for parallel kernels using ParallelNeeds. Just do ParallelNeeds["Combinatorica`"] before running the code.

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