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ParallelCombine solution. hugeList = Range[0, 2*10^4]; f[x_] := x ParallelCombine[Total[Map[f, #, 1]] &, hugeList, Total[{#}] &] (* 38503 *) Chunks of hugeList will be handed to Total[Map[f, #, 1]] & in parallel. This Total first Maps f onto each element of the list handed to it (a chunk of hugeList) thereby giving a total for the chunk and ...


To start, if you need a package for your parallel computation, you need to load that package on all kernels using ParallelNeeds instead of Needs. As a start, in your case using the following at least takes care of the undefined symbol errors you were receiving. ParallelNeeds["PhysicalConstants`"] Furthermore, the speed of sound and other physical ...

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