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Packages need to be loaded explicitly for parallel kernels using ParallelNeeds. Just do ParallelNeeds["Combinatorica`"] before running the code.


It depends on how PBS and the cluster environment are set up. Ideally, if cpuset support has been compiled in to PBS, and if you start Mathematica directly inside the PBS job, you should find that it uses all processors allocated by PBS (on that node--Eigensystem is not MPI-parallelized). If cpuset support isn't provided, then you risk starting as many ...


Three changes are needed to make this code work: Move PrintTemporary inside the Do loop, so that it can access i. Remove i from the list of Module temporary variables. You may as well eliminate the symbol bar as well, because there is no need for it. Replace Dynamic[i] with With[{i = i}, Dynamic[i]], as aptly explained in "A Good Trick to Know" of ...


Put the protect/unprotect into the table: ParallelTable[Unprotect[Power]; Power[0 | 0., 0 | 0.] = 1; Protect[Power]; 0^0, {i, 5}] I'm not sure how to do it globally, but you can make it a bit less painful if ParallelTable has to be called many times: setPow := (Unprotect[Power]; Power[0 | 0., 0 | 0.] = 1; Protect[Power];); ParallelTable[setPow; 0^0, ...

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