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It seems you can't have everything in one, but maybe everything in 1.5 will be ok: CreatePalette[ DynamicModule[{string = ""}, Pane[ Button[ InputField[Dynamic@string, String], string = InputString["", string], Appearance -> None, Method -> "Queued" ]]] ];


OK, I guess I found something myself while trying to circumvent RunScheduledTask. DynamicModule[{prog = False}, Column[{ Button[ "Do heavy work", prog = True; Pause[10]; prog = False, Method -> "Queued" ], Dynamic@If[prog, ProgressIndicator[Appearance -> "Percolate"], Invisible[ProgressIndicator[Appearance ...


I'm not sure if this is exactly what you need but this is what I've recently done to inform the user about ongoing calculation. Usage withProgressIndicator[proc, delay] Performs a proc, and when it lasts longer than delay (default 0), a progress indicator in dialog is created. It will be closed after finishing the proc. It should be run on Main Link, ...

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