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Based on the error message the ScheduledTask seems to cause the problems. Therefore here is a way how to make a palette with a clock that can be started, stopped and continued by clicking a button without using a ScheduledTask. CreatePalette@ DynamicModule[{startStop = False, last = 0, refTime = AbsoluteTime[]}, Grid[{{Dynamic[ ...


Raplace the variable st in the following code with sat: taskQueue[input:{{title_String, mins_},__}] := Module[{getTime, remaining = <||>, taskQueue = <||>, row, grid={}, currtitle, st},... Also replace the variable st with scta in st=CreateScheduledTask[....]... startStopButton[StartScheduledTask[st], StopScheduledTask[st].... This managed ...


This works for me: CreatePalette[Button["Crazy Color Palette", ib := InputNotebook[]; If[NotebookRead[ib] === {}, NotebookWrite[ib, "RGBColor[.5,.6,.7]"], FrontEndExecute[{FrontEndToken[ib, FontColor, RGBColor[.5, .6, .7]]}]]]]

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