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This only happens if you have the Suggestions Bar enabled. Turn that damn thing off already! It is the source of unending grief. (Problem confirmed in 10.0.2 under Windows.)


From the Notation.m package: AutoLoadNotationPalette is a boolean variable. If False then the Notation palette will not be loaded when the Notation package is loaded. If the value is undefined or True the Notation palette will be loaded when the Notation package loads. Other package designers can set this variable outside of the Notation package through ...


The following worked for me. Needs["Notation`"] findNotationPalette[nb_] := If[Options[nb, WindowTitle] == {WindowTitle -> "Notation Palette"}, nb, Null] closeNotationPalette[] := Module[{notationNB}, notationNB = Cases[findNotationPalette /@ Notebooks[], _NotebookObject]; If[Length @ notationNB == 1, ...

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