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As shown in my comment, what I usually do is defer the compilation of the function until it is first used. Once your function is compiled, you store it in exact the same variable and therefore, you only have a delay in the very first call. This method is basically just a simple memoization and I use it very often in packages. For instance in my Heyex Data ...


The Converters directory contains external programs and libraries that are used by Import/Export functionality. These are meant to be accessed through builtin functions, and are not supposed to be visible (or of any concern) to users. There is no documentation because it is just an internal component of Mathematica.


The best way is to use bash script! First you need to save your script as .m file and "save as" option, wont work alone! You have to convert it to "code" format, by select all cmd+8 in OS X if I'm not wrong or select all and then fromat->style->code. Second, we tell mathematica to run its kernel through a command. First we give the path to the Mathematica ...

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