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These are the steps I did: 1) Go to the link you posted, RIGHT-CLICK on the link of the file groebner50.m and do SAVE-AS and save it to some folder. Say c:\tmp\groebner50.m 2) Open Mathematica, open new notebook, then save the notebook to the same folder i.e. to c:\tmp\ 3) Now type SetDirectory[NotebookDirectory[]]; << groebner50.m 4) That is ...


Adding directory to the beginning of the paclet search path One thing to note is that paclet search path is used only when getting files using a path with ordinary path separator. When getting packages using path with elements separated by context separator ` paclet search path is not used. To add a directory to beginning of paclet search path in ...


Messages defined for a symbol are stored in list of rules Messages[sym] similar to DownValues, UpValues etc. We can use this fact to create general message inheritance mechanism. Let's start with defining custom message on our own general symbol: ClearAll[general] general::myMessage = "text of general myMessage" As expected this message is stored in a ...


I'm afraid I don't know what realized covariance means. Perhaps the easiest solution is to use RLink and directly use the R implementation. Here are some links to the documentation to get you started. http://reference.wolfram.com/language/RLink/guide/RLink.html http://reference.wolfram.com/language/RLink/tutorial/UsingRLink.html

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