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The reason is that you have empty history because you set $HistoryLength = 0 (as you confirm in the comments). I recommend setting $HistoryLength to be at least 3 in order to get the [Show Full Output] button working in the most practical cases.


The <<..>> notation in the output is called Skeleton and you don't have to handle it in any way, because the true expression is still there. Mathematica decided that the output would be too long for you to read and shortened it in a meaningful way. The number that is used, like <<19>> tells you that there are 19 expressions hidden ...


Here is completely alternative solution that works similar to #! but for Windows. @echo off "C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.0\Math" -noprompt -run "ToExpression@StringJoin@Riffle[Drop[StringSplit[UsingFrontEnd@Import[$CommandLine[[5]], \"Text\"],\"\n\"], 3], \"\n\"];Quit[];" %0 %* exit Print[$CommandLine[[6;;]]]; Pause[5];

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