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It might be late to answer this, but I think it's important to add my approach. I came to the same problem of having ConditionalExpressions in my outputs. After googling I came about this solution, by using the Assuming[] function. Normal[] didn't work much for me. An example: Assuming[Re[s] > 1, Integrate[1/x^s,{x,1,Infinity}] Which gives: ...


Here is one way using Save: Clear[f]; f[x_] := x^2; Save["testf.m", f]; Clear[f] Get["testf.m"]; ?f


You can check that a differential equation is solved correctly by plugging it in to the original equation and seeing that it holds. For your case: sol = DSolve[z''[x] == λ*x^(3/4)*z[x]/Sqrt[x], z[x], x] f[x_] := sol[[1, 1, 2]] so f[x] is the candidate function. Now verify that: FullSimplify[D[f[x], {x, 2}]] == FullSimplify[λ*x^(3/4)*f[x]/Sqrt[x]] Since ...

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