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Here is completely alternative solution that works similar to #! but for Windows. @echo off "C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.0\Math" -noprompt -run "ToExpression@StringJoin@Riffle[Drop[StringSplit[UsingFrontEnd@Import[$CommandLine[[5]], \"Text\"],\"\n\"], 3], \"\n\"];Quit[];" %0 %* exit Print[$CommandLine[[6;;]]]; Pause[5];


With the posted data, it is impossible to get the four rows (ENRJ, GENE, ZIOP, DWTI) to rank higher than other rows using linear scoring rules topfour = {a, b, c}.# & /@ Rationalize[Cases[data, {Alternatives @@ {ENRJ, GENE, ZIOP, DWTI}, _, _, _}][[All, 2 ;;]]]; others = {a, b, c}.# & /@ Rationalize[Cases[data, {Except[Alternatives @@ {ENRJ, ...


"That's just how it is." The documentation page Wolfram System Sessions explains this: Any formatting wrapper will be stripped before the expression is assigned to Out. This includes MatrixForm which is such a wrapper. As Mr. Wizard notes in a comment and as it is written in other answers, the list of formatting wrappers treated in this way is given by ...

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