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The simplest way is to put a Print expression into your Table expression. Table[Print["i = ", i]; foo[i], {i, 0, 10}] If you only want to see the what is printed while the evaluation is running and have it automatically deleted upon completion, then use Table[PrintTemporary["i = ", i]; foo[i], {i, 0, 10}]


I don't think Mathematica can do it. But on the other hand, it can be done on the LaTeX side using the package breqn as \documentclass{revtex4} \usepackage{breqn} \begin{document} \begin{dmath} R = -g{}^a{}^b g {}^c{}^d \partial_c\partial_dg{}_a{}_b + g{}^a{}^b g {}^c{}^d \partial_b\partial_dg{}_a{}_c + \frac{3}{4} g {}^a{}^b g {}^c{}^d g ...


Use this Monitor[ For[i = 1, i <= n, i++, ... If[Mod[i, stride] == 0, t = {N[i/n], bestsofar}] ],t]

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