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Mathematica has an inbuilt function CForm which does a pretty good job. However, there are some caveats: No support for Greek/special characters. Your variable names might have Greek characters, which are not supported in C/C++. Hence, you should replace all such variables. Create a list, maybe call it subsGtoCpp, put all rules which are required in list ...


Errors of the sort described by the OP can be reproduced by copying the lengthy block of code in the question to a notebook, prefixing TeXForm@TableForm, and executing it. (Be prepared to abort the execution.) However, the same table shown near the top of the question can be produced from TableForm@{{"", "C2ung(1)", "CM1(2)"}, {"Olivine", ...


See Export and Importing and Exporting Data points = Table[{x, Sin[x]}, {x, Range[0, 2 \[Pi], .01]}]; ListLinePlot[points] Export["Export_Values_1.csv", points] "Export_Values_1.csv" You'll find the file with: SystemOpen[DirectoryName[AbsoluteFileName["Export_Values_1.csv"]]]


Subscript[R, Row[{#, " ", #}]] & /@ Range@5

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