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One workaround I found is this: getRand[] := AbortProtect@Module[{stream, res}, stream = OpenRead["!head -c 4 /dev/random", BinaryFormat -> True]; res = BinaryRead[stream, "UnsignedInteger32"]; Close[stream]; res ] Tested on OS X and Linux.


To open the help page just place the cursor somewhere within the function name and press F1. To get the template list use the following shortcut Ctrl+Shift+k. More keyboard shortcuts can be found here.


It appears to be a known issue with the Workbench. http://community.wolfram.com/groups/-/m/t/291822?_19 From that link the suggestion is to contact support: (Bruce) You are not the first people to encounter a problem launching Mathematica 10 from recent Wolfram Workbench. It seems to be erratic as to which computers and which projects. ...


Some front end troubles can be solved as described here: Troubleshooting On OS X holding down Shift-Command during startup will reset the caches. This is worth trying when the front end is misbehaving. When having multiple versions of Mathematica installed, some problems can be avoided by using separate configurations for the different front end ...


I don't know if this help or not but here is what I got for you. ContourPlot[Sin[x y], {x, 0, 3}, {y, 0, 3}, ContourShading -> None, ContourStyle -> {{Red, Thickness[0.008]}}, PlotTheme -> None]


I propose two possible solutions: Turn off transparency by including Opacity[1] in the CountourStyle Use CapForm["Butt"] to prevent the line caps from overlapping. With this solution you can keep transparency on, and the result will look like: With CapForm["Butt"] theoretically there can still be a slight misalignment, or crack between the lines, but ...


Today I reinstalled Mathematica 9 on my MacBook Air 2013 - I had the external Apple Display connected when installing - now CurrentImage[] only works when external Display is connected and works through that camera. This may be a hint for others ...

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