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To long for comment, Hit Command+Shift+G from the OS X desktop A Commandline will open, enter /user/bin and hit open There will open a new window, containing a long list, search for clang: If clang or others are NOT on this list, most likely you have to install "Command Line Tools" see here (or ask Google ...). Always check with friends when ...


Very likely you need to install Xcode. Unless things changed with Mavericks, OSX has a compiler available but not installed by default As Brett Champion mentioned, try FileNames["/usr/bin/clang"] If this returns a file, then clang (A compiler) is installed, and likely should work.


First, I like to apologize for answering my own question because I overlooked some essential initial steps when working with MonObjC. Preconditions In order to access the Cocoa-APIs from Mathematica via .NETLink there need to be installed 2 separate packages: The Mono environment which can be obtained from here: Mono Project Download Page The MonObjC ...


One workaround I found is this: getRand[] := AbortProtect@Module[{stream, res}, stream = OpenRead["!head -c 4 /dev/random", BinaryFormat -> True]; res = BinaryRead[stream, "UnsignedInteger32"]; Close[stream]; res ] Tested on OS X and Linux.


To open the help page just place the cursor somewhere within the function name and press F1. To get the template list use the following shortcut Ctrl+Shift+k. More keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

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