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As pointed out by Mr.Wizard, AnimationRate is not an option of Manipulate but of the particular controller. Namely, the correct syntax is: Manipulate[ (*do stuff*) , {x, 0, 1, AnimationRate-> value}, {y, 0, 1}] If one aims to control the rate of the slider for x (analogous code for y).


Preamble Leonid's method is new to me and quite interesting. I expect that as with most of his methods it is well reasoned and has advantages that are not immediately apparent. Nevertheless I also find value in alternative methods, so here is one of mine. I shall use his example code so that these methods may be compared directly. Boilerplate General::...


Implementation This is indeed an important problem. It is usually best to have a separate function testing various options. Here is the solution I propose: a wrapper that would factor out the testing functionality from the main function. Here is the code: ClearAll[OptionCheck]; OptionCheck::invldopt = "Option `1` for function `2` received invalid value `3`"...

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