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Try this idea: Plot[If[x < 0, Integrate[Exp[x*z^2], {z, -\[Infinity], \[Infinity]}], None], {x, -1, 1}] Within this example you will get the following plot: Have fun!


I think the problem is that your integrand is just too large numerically to be handled correctly. Are you sure the expressions you are using are based on sound model or mathematics? The number they generate are so large. I can't imagine real physical problem will produce such values. Trying just integrating over x by fixing y to see the problem. I went only ...


I'll use a simpler form for an example. One can keep track of the least value that has given an error/warning message in a variable. It can be set whenever a message is generated using Check. The use of Quiet is optional. You may want to limit the messages that trigger a Check or that are suppressed by Quiet. See their documentation for more. I also ...


The error occurs because of the integral extending to Infinity. If I simply do NIntegrate[r*BesselJ[0, 10*r]* (BesselJ[0, Sqrt[0.01/r]] - 1 + BesselJ[1, 1]/ BesselY[1, 1]*(2/Pi*Log[0.5*Exp[EulerGamma]*Sqrt[0.01/r]] - BesselY[0, Sqrt[0.01/r]])), {r, 0.01, 10000}] I get the error NIntegrate::ncvb: "NIntegrate failed to converge to prescribed accuracy ...

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