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N[1/2] or 1/2., as said in the comments.


The Mathematica parser parses and computes number literals before sending them to FullForm even if Hold is applied. Thus the full form of number literals is not accessible to the user. You are making assumptions that are incorrect. When Mathematica reads either 4 or 2^^100, it parses both to the exact same in-memory representation. After the parsing ...


Here's a partial answer that works if the number does not contain a decimal point: SetPrecision[Times[FromDigits["sadjh", 36],Power[36, -14]], 55] == 36^^sadjh`55*^-14 True One can easily imagine an alternate universe in which the left hand side of the above is the FullForm of the right hand side.


I presume you asking for the number's internal form. Consider the following: Precision[36^^sadjh.87s567*^-14] MachinePrecision So the number is internally a computer floating-point number. If you would like see all its digits, then NumberForm[36^^sadjh.87s567*^-14, 16] 7.737144491656396*10^(-15)

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