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You can use CellGroupData with 1 as the second argument for creation of cell groups where only first cell is open: Do[NotebookWrite[EvaluationNotebook[], Cell@CellGroupData[{Cell["Section " <> ToString[i], "Subsection"], Cell[ToBoxes@ExpressionCell@f[i], "Output"]}, 1]], {i, 3}]; The quotes around the text are not shown because I have ...


You need to use "Output" cells for output. You can collapse created Section after we create them with appriopriate tokens: Do[CellPrint[ Cell["Section " <> ToString[i], "Subsection", CellTags -> {"CloseMe"}]]; CellPrint[ Cell[#, "Output"] & @ BoxData @ ToBoxes @ f[i]], {i, 3}]; NotebookLocate@"CloseMe"; FrontEndTokenExecute @ ...


I faced this problem too.I couldn't find out how to open already saved notebooks,but I managed to avoid it with new ones. Just,use "file->Save as" or (Shift+Ctrl+s) to save the notebook to the directory you want,instead of saving when you close it.The notebooks saved in this way will work properly,at least it worked for me.

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