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You could do it using the following: SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[],InputAliases->{"bn"-> FormBox[TemplateBox[{"\[SelectionPlaceholder]", "\[Placeholder]"},"Binomial"],InputForm]}] Then enter escbnesc to get a placeholder that you can tab through: Then enter the numbers and press shift-enter to evaluate. Edit To make the output appear ...


I think the information given by AbsoluteOptions will be enough to distinguish one type of Notebook from another. To investigate the differences among the option values of different Notebooks, we first prepare all six types of Notebooks: nblist = Complement[Notebooks[], {EvaluationNotebook[]}] Then we extract all of their AbsoluteOptions, and delete ...


I think the most straight forward would be to use Mathematica packages and importing the definitions in that notebook using the function Get as Szabolcs mentioned in the comments. I suggest that you have a closer look at the documentation on how to set up packages in Mathematica. Th principle is quite simple to understand. Here is a small example of how ...


I don't think there is any shortcut for that. But we can always construct one by scanning the CellChangeTimes of all the cells and picking out the latest one. Here is a quick solution: Button[ "Find me\nthe last edit!", {#, CurrentValue[#, CellChangeTimes]} & /@ Cells[SelectedNotebook[], CellStyle -> {"Input"}] // ...


Hyperlink will work too, so for the record: SetDirectory@NotebookDirectory[] Composition[ Column, Hyperlink[#, FileNameJoin[{Directory[], #}]] & /@ # & ]@FileNames["*.nb"] Of course you can play with FileNames and/or SetDirectory to adjust search to your needs.


Names["FrontEnd`*" ~~ "`" ... ~~ "Notebook"] // Column gives FrontEnd`ButtonNotebook FrontEnd`ClipboardNotebook FrontEnd`DebuggerStackNotebook FrontEnd`EvaluationNotebook FrontEnd`HelpBrowserNotebook FrontEnd`InputNotebook FrontEnd`MessagesNotebook FrontEnd`SelectedNotebook FrontEnd`SetSelectedNotebook Of these, the following seem useful for filtering ...


pos = {}; SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[], NotebookEventActions :> { "MouseClicked" :> If[CurrentValue["AltKey"], AppendTo[pos, MousePosition[]]], PassEventsDown -> True}] Dynamic@MousePosition[] Dynamic@pos So, while pressing Alt you can click to store your positions.

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