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Several ways to make the opener icon for cell groups visible: You can set the ShowGroupOpener to True for the current notebook using SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[], ShowGroupOpener -> True] If you want the icon to show in all notebooks in the current front-end session use SetOptions[$FrontEndSession, ShowGroupOpener -> True] To get the opener ...


The option GraphicsBoxOptions -> {ImageSize -> 500} can be set for the plot in several ways. (The option PreserveImageOptions is the one that controls what happens when the output cell is replaced. By default, the current size in output cell is preserved.) Stylesheet One can create a new style, say, "LargeImageSize" by editing the stylesheet (menu ...


For OS X Mathematica v10, one can edit /Applications/Mathematica.app/FontMap.tr to enable writing Greek letters in any font supporting them. In my case, I wanted ยต (\[Micro]) to display with my preferred font (CMU Bright Roman) rather than the Mathematica font. The solution was to open FontMap.tr, copy the string within CompressedData[str], paste it into ...


Mathematica uses the voice set in System Preferences for it's built-in speech functions. It determines that voice when it is launched, so to get it to recognize a new voice preference you have quit and relaunch.


This should remove the "toolbar" from the Notebook: SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[], DockedCells -> {}] If that cell remained after changing styles I think it is a glitch and should be reported.


sol = Solve[{x == -(1/3) + 4/3 Cos[1/3 Pi (-t1 - 2 t2)] Cos[1/3 Pi (-t1 + t2)] Cos[ 1/3 Pi (2 t1 + t2)], y == 4/3 Sin[1/3 Pi (-t1 - 2 t2)] Sin[1/3 Pi (-t1 + t2)] Sin[ 1/3 Pi (2 t1 + t2)]} // TrigToExp, {t1, t2}]; // AbsoluteTiming or {a == Cos[1/3 Pi (-t1 - 2 t2)] Cos[1/3 Pi (-t1 + t2)] Cos[1/3 Pi (2 t1 + t2)], b == Sin[1/3 Pi (-t1 ...


Under Windows, you select an expression then right-click on it and choose the Speak selection menu item from the contextual menu. The voice used is the one set in the system preferences. Using Speak or SpokenString give you some options, but they do not seem to relate to the Speak Selection Menu Item mentioned above.

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