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ClearAll[ruleToFunction, f1, f2]; ruleToFunction[func_] := Function[, Evaluate@func[Slot[1]]]; g[x_] := Piecewise[{{0, x < 8.}, {2.5, 8. <= x < 18}, {0, x > 18}}] f1 = ruleToFunction[g] ClearAll[g]; f1@10 f[x_] := x Sin[x^2] f2 = ruleToFunction[f] ClearAll[f]; f2@10


You may already have discovered that something like g[#]& doesn't work - this is because Function has the HoldAll Attribute, so its argument (g[#] in this case) doesn't get evaluated. The solution is to force g[#] to evaluate. Rasher showed what one way to do that, by using Evaluate, whose specific purpose is to force evaluation of arguments that would ...

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